Event - Multi-Media Day at Blue Coat School

4 March 2020

A number of Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to visit The Blue Coat School in Harborne for a Multi-Media experience day.

The aim of the day was for children to produce their very own live TV newscast: ‘Live at 2’. They wrote scripts, shot on green screen, used iPads, 360 cameras and more. Working as part of a production team offered the opportunity to direct, create graphics and edit video as well as recording live. And what a day we had!

Every single child had a role to play, some chose to be behind the scenes (as camera men and camera women or as part of the production team) and some chose to be in front of the cameras. Some were put in the spot and encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and do something they wouldn't have usually done and they really shone bright. As a team we recorded a 5 minute Newsround clip which you can watch below.

The ‘icing in the cake’ was receiving an email from the Assistant Headteacher at The Blue Coat SchooI praising our children. The email was as follows:

Dear Mrs Herrera, I just wanted to get in touch to say how lovely it was to meet some of your Year 5 children today. They were a real credit to their school, teachers and their families. They were engaged and responsive throughout the day and their manners and behaviour were impeccable.

One of our minibus drivers emailed me the following which I thought you might like to see: 'I thought I'd drop you a quick note expressing my delight in how the visiting school children composed themselves when collecting them this morning. Hope you don't mind. Being very excited they expressed how amazing our school was and football pitches. The children showed great manners towards me throughout and thanking me for driving them. When you speak to the children's school please say how well behaved they were.'

We very much enjoyed getting to know them and we hope to be able to welcome The Oratory RC back to Blue Coat next year for another Experience Day.

Best wishes, Miss Patel

Whenever we take our children out they conduct themselves in an exceptional manner, but it is always very nice to receive such amazing praise. Well done everyone, you did yourselves and us proud!